Basically her Care Manager got her there, but no one told her she'd be staying there. She is engaging in the activities, but if there's any down time she is calling all of us to come and get her. "Why am I here, who put me here, who would do this to me" etc.

My daddy did not like it either. I always told him as soon as Dr. ( and I always gave the doctor a name he recognized) releases you then you can come home but you are still being looked at. I also asked the facility to give him a job something he looked forward to doing. My daddy has the job of passing out the game stuff for games. Maybe yours can water the plants or straighten the chairs in the dinning area.
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You can keep repeating to her a simple statement that you are waiting for the doctor to tell when it is safe for her to go home
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They all want to go home, she is adjusting, she is just trying to manipulate everyone,

If she is doing activities and eating she is good. Cut back on answering the phone, if she starts just say "I have to go",

I would not visit often, let her continue to assimilate to her new surroundings.
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