We dilute a .75 liter bottle of whiskey everyday and my mom passes out at noon and picks up with wine in the evening. She hates being alive and is so angry everyday. We live in walking distance to the liquor store. I asked them not to sell alcohol to her but they refused, saying that was not their job. I also care for my 8 and 4 year old grandsons 5 days a week. My husband and I are retired with my husband working part time to meet bills. I am at my wits end trying to keep everyone happy and not fighting. My mother has had a drinking problem all my life. With dementia she forgets she has had a drink and then blows up if you remind her. Her every thought is about alcohol.

I am afraid if I tell her doctor he will take away all her medication. She gets blood tests all the time and passes them with flying colors. She takes medicine for arthritis. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

There is a medication that escapes my mind as alot does these days that makes one feel sick if they drink alcohol when on it. If that medication were added to her medications without her exact knowledge of its purpose maybe the effects of alcohol would lose some appeal hopefully. She sounds far gone enough that you could try this thought and see if it brings alcohol consumption more under control. If she questions why this is happening you could say that her liver is reacting to years of alcohol abuse. Of course she should not be drinking it at all anymore but the only other thought is getting her out of your house. She should not be around young children with this abhorrent choice of lifestyle. I hope you find a solution for all your wellbeing.
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Hi Hagrid,
U really need to tell all her Doctors about her drinking problem. They will not take away her medicine, however they may need to adjust dosages or change to a different medicine in the same class. But it's very important that they know. I totally understand where ur coming from tho! But I'm not surprised the liguor store continues selling her liquor as they only care about making a buck. Hang in there:)
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I'd consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction. If mother is incompetent and relying on you for her her care and protection, I'd be concerned about liability for myself if she got sick or injured due to ingesting alcohol. This might be a real danger if she's taking meds and the doctor doesn't know about the drinking. I'd explore professional care for her, since heavy drinkers need professional care if they decide to get sober.
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