Mowery had the funeral of my father, Harry, my mother, Emma, and my brother, Jerry. I now live with my wife in San Antonio. If one of us dies here, what would be the procedure for having the funeral there at Mowery? My parents purchased lots in the Owasso cementery beside theirs. What pre-arrangements can we make? Can a funeral service here prepare and ship the body to Owasso? Please explain the procedure. Thank you.


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I think those questions need to be presented to Mowery. Because not all funeral homes operate the same & offer the same services. Generally yes, when someone passes away they go to a funeral home in their vicinity & that funeral home can coordinate with the other funeral home. But you need to ask Mowery what their procedure is.
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This is something you need to ask of your local Funeral director. With my MIL and FIL a small service was done before they were cremated in FLA. Then the urns shipped to us here in NJ to be buried. If bodies have to be flown, then that will cost. You will need twoo Funeral homes involved. One to get the body ready. Maybe have a viewing and service there. Then another to except the body and help set up the burial. Not cheap to do it this way. Hopefully, you set money aside for this purpose. Don't depend on children or family to pay the cost.
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