My mom lives alone and is bring cared for by myself and another woman. She is alone up until noon every day and after 6. Her shoulders are bone on bone and it's nearly impossible for her to make her breakfast without excruciating pain. Just small movements cause pain. Her doc doubled her vicodin and she's still in pain.

I live alone in an apartment 30 miles away. My lease is up Oct. 1. I haven't signed a new one and think I will go month to month until I figure this out.

We have a history of fighting like cats and dogs. She is a mild narcissist and can suck the life out of me at times by talking non stop about herself.

Lately we've been getting along well and even took a week long trip together without much grief.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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If your mom has her brain still, can you not sit down and ask her what she thinks? Remind her how you two used to fight, and ask her honest opinion if she thinks it's a good idea or a train wreck waiting to happen. If she says that it's a good idea, then you TWO need to have a list of 'to do's' and 'not to do's' while living together. Are you going to treat this arrangement as mother/daughter or roommates? If it's going to be strictly mother/daughter, then be prepared to have your relationship slip back into the mode of her being the boss etc. I'm not saying that this won't work, but you BOTH have got to have the plans laid out in advance so there won't be any hurt feelings. At least that's how I see it. Good luck no matter what you do.
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