She believes she had her record collection with her for years, when in truth they were sold 3 years ago when she moved. She believes she had 2 pink pant suits, which are now missing - and she never had any pink pant suits. How do I handle this when she gets so agitated and believes that if those (or other) items are not in her room, then someone had to have stolen them.

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Thanks cwillie, good ideas. I get so frustrated with myself because my first instincts are not as calming as they should be. I am getting better, though. Thank you again!
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Gee Mom, I took those records home for safe keeping, I'll try to remember to bring them in next time. Tell me about the songs you wanted to listen to. (Perhaps you can get digital copies of some of the music she is longing for?)
Pink pants suits? I can't remember a pink pant suit, lets put on this pretty blue one and I'll check the laundry later to see what I can find. Shall I look for something pink for you next time I go shopping?
You aren't telling her she's wrong, but you aren't agreeing with her belief the items have been stolen either, and you are segueing the conversation off to a safer topic.
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