She is not incontinent can feed herself & basic hygiene skills are OK. But overall deteriorating what can be done or nothing?

Ah the slow unrelenting process of deterioration. Keep in mind to try and stay a step ahead just like you are now researching. Do consider when you think it will be time to place her somewhere and or consider when to limit or stop interventions.
For immediate concerns you should be able to request a speach therapist. They are available to offer suggestions beyond eating and drinking.
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I agree with @97yroldmom start with the basic visits to the doctor for a full check up. Ask doc to take a look at any meds she's taking, do the blood work, check for urinary tract infections etc. Then move on the the Neurologist if the medical doctor gives the all clear. It's scary when someone we love seems to be slipping away but at least knowing why can help a bit.
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What have you done so far? Has she been to her primary for a checkup and a neurologist for cognitive testing?
Start with the basics.
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