I will do my best to explain. Just wondering if I should be concerned? Take her to Dr? Or is it something normal?
So tonight my Mom asked me to rub some stuff on her back because it was itchy, she had been using back scratcher on it previously.
So I did as asked. Upon looking at her back It seemed what appeared to be little pockets of blood? Looked like little red spots all over her back. When I looked closer it just looked like little spots of blood. Has anyone else ever seen this, know what I am speaking of, or have any idea. Sorry it really grosses me out to see and talk about it, but looking for some insight. Thank all you beautiful people. May God bless.
Wasn't sure where to post this under.

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Your Mom needs to see her doctor ASAP. GET AN APPOINTMENT for your Mom on TUESDAY!! I cannot diagnose or give any accurate suggestions just be reading about it. There are many possibilities--the red spots could be from your Mom scratching herself, the red spots could be bedbug bites or scabies or mites or a rash due to an allergy or ???, or it could be shingles? Only your Mom's doctor can determine what the problem is and treat it appropriately.
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Thank you all for your responses. It is such comfort to know in times of panic you all are here.
So diagnosis is like as to what old sailor said, and nothing to be concerned about.
Trying- My mom does have liver deficient itchy skin.
Definately no bed bugs, no scabies.

Thank you all!! Case closed. :)
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My husband has a buffet of spots all over his back and left thigh/crotch area. Some look like blisters and the rest looks like prickly heat. What it amounts to is a urine rash. Walgreens has an excellent barrier cream in the adult incontinence supply department. I also use baby powder on him, plus calamine lotion, Pinxav and Desetin.

But do get it checked out. Even if we were medical professionals here, we cannot diagnose through a computer. And take the back scratcher away from her. That promotes irritation and infection.
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Yes, get her checked out asap. You want to make sure she doesn't have some kind of infection also.
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Scabies are fairly common for residents in NHs. Very itchy, as well as  bites from bed bugs. The back is common area for bb bites. I certainly hope there's no infestation but check her bedding and mattress for bed bugs.
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Are you sure it's just on her back? I can't remember your situation Smeshque but is there any possibility of bed bugs?
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Dont forget ugent care if doc not available first.
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Cannot stress enough checking for bedbugs. Don't know the living arrangements but YOU must be cautious yourself to not inadvertently pick any up and take them with you if that is the case...check in your area to see if there are any bed bug detection services especially if one has a dog as the dogs noses are far more sensitive and efficient in detecting. I so hope you do not. Their favorite hiding places are of course in bed frames, crevices like in wood furniture. They have several stages of life looking anything from like an apple seed to something darker and plumper after they have snacked on a person. They are no reflection of cleanliness either a person or the environment. Let us know the outcome!
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Yes I have experience with those little blood filled red spots. I have them mostly on my chest. I did not see a Dr. about them but during another exam the Dr did examine them and told me what they were and not to worry.
That was my experience but as the others have said, get them checked by a Dr., as well as the itching.
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Does your mother take a blood thinner medication? Too high a level can cause tiny capillary bleeds. Call the prescribing physician immediately her blood thinner may need to be adjusted.
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