Mom was given 2 weeks to live according to hospice, is this the process of the body shutting down? -

Mom was given 2 weeks to live according to hospice, is this the process of the body shutting down?


Hi my mom stopped eating (4 days ago) and drinks very little about 1 oz a day..but it’s going on 4 days with no food..she is now on morphine every 2 her heart rate went up to 110..and stayed like this all my question I guess is how high should I let it get before I should get a hold of hospice....or is this just the the process of the body shutting down?? Thanks so much



Yes, oh my gosh yes. Call them. They are experts at this. They will help you through it. They will take care of things immediately after your loved one passes. There is free counseling afterwards. I was so afraid to call them when my father was dying. It was like admitting that he was dying and I didn't want to admit it. But it was the best thing. Do call them. In my experience, and it's just mine, they are angels.
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As a professional who has worked with a number of dying patients, I suggest calling hospice. I wanted to be called, not because it was my job, but because I wanted to come alongside of the patient and their family through this process. (Yes, I know there are individuals who "do the job, because it's a job". However, in my experience, most individuals who work with dying patients are not there because it is a job.)
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Yes call, don't think of it as bothering them with too many questions, think of it as them doing the job they are paid to do by supporting you and your mother.
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I would most definitely call hospice!
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This is a question you should ask hospice. At what point should you call them?

Also feel free to call for your own peace of mind. That is why they have a 24 hour phone line. If you are feeling panic or high anxiety, call them.

This is an extremely difficult part of the journey of mother's care. My heart goes out to you.
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