Are the vivid dreams a sign of death coming soon?

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My mom is in a comfort care facility on hospice. She's been there a month and had declined quite a bit. She started to hallucinate and now has vivid dreams and dreams of herself in colors ie she dreamt she was levitating and she was the color blue but then changed color. She has dreamt of life when we were all kids and she would get us ready for school. I just wonder if this is a sign that she is preparing and getting closer?

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I would look into medication side effects. Report all this to the doctor who is prescribing her meds.
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I hope not...I have vivid wild dreams every single night of my life. Woke up crying this am.

In my case, I do know it's due to meds. I just know every night will be a literal nightmare.

But in your mom's case--see what can be done to alleviate her anxiety if these dreams are causing that. Maybe they're pleasant!

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