Could having more oxygen in her blood cause an increase in heart failure symptoms? She is not on a diuretic. Every ER doctor we see is shocked to learn this information.

I'm calling her doctor's office today and question them about a diuretic.

I know in the last week, she has gone from being fairly active to very uncomfortable.

Mom has been diagnosed with COPD although the diagnosis was somewhat vague.

Her ankles do get puffy. She is supposed to wear support stockings, but hasn't put them on as often recently.

We have a call in to her doctor who should finally be back tomorrow.

I bought on oximeter last week. Her oxygen level is 95 or better now.
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Does your mother also have COPD? If yes and given too much oxygen this can actually suppress her ability to seek oxygen. It’s called the “hypoxic response” & has something to do with the carbon dioxide that many COPD’ers come to tolerate as normal. Usually COPD pts shouldn’t be on more than 2-3 liters per minute.
Call and discuss your concerns with her doctor. I am not a doctor but this can be factor. Don’t wait as there are plenty of things that can be going on - renal failure, etc.
Yes & purchase a pulse ox. A good one costs about $65 and worth it.
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If you don't have one get a pause ox monitor. Fits on the finger. Oxygen levels should be no lower than 95. Under 90 is serious. I would call about a diuretic.
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There are many types of heart failure. A diuretic will not always be appropriate. They are mainly used for symptom relief; if your mother wasn't getting fluid retention as a symptom, then she didn't need diuretics.

How long has your mother been living with this diagnosis, what has changed in the last week, who prescribed the oxygen, and who is in overall charge of her medical care?
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I’m shocked as well. My husband has CHF and is on daily diuretics. I’ve also been told to cut down his intake of liquids. He had an overnight oxygen test a few months ago that showed his oxygen levels were borderline low but he opted to not be on oxygen at night.

CHF is a build up of fluid around the heart and I always thought diuretics were standard.
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