She yells - What are you doing to me! The temperature in the house may be 2 degrees past where it should be, but she experiences it as she is terribly hot. Last night at 1 in the morning, I put the air conditioning on to calm her down. Alternately, when she takes a shower with the aide there are screams of I'm freezing! Again - what are you doing to me!
I'm finding this frustrating but its obviously part of her vascular dementia which is in the middle stages. Wondering if others are seeing this behavior.

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My aunts thyroid can affect her ability to deal with heat and/or cold temps. Be sure your mom’s is being checked when she has her blood work next.
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This is going to sound crazy but it's true. Some people will be fine and even feel hot during the day, but are then freezing at night even if the temperature only goes down a couple degrees. Also, I've seen this behavior many times with clients. Some kinds of medications could be making her feel hot. Then as the day wears on, if she spends her day pretty much sitting and not not moving around she will start complaining about being cold at the end of her day. There are some things you can try like getting her a heated blanket and keeping a fan that you can turn on and off easily when she complains about being hot.
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momzac, any chance your Mom is still dealing with hot flashes? It isn't unusual for one to keep having that terrible ordeal even in their 90's :P

I know for myself, if the house heat temp is set 2 degrees higher, I really can feel the difference. I just hand sig-other his sweatshirt to wear, and I lower the heat.
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Normal behaviour. When she takes a shower she maybe cold. I had a little heater in Moms. Would put it on to warm the bathroom up before her shower.
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When she is cold, you might try those weighted blankets. They are 25 lbs. Sometimes the smothering weight calms people
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My husband who had vascular dementia, was always cold(never hot like me) and because I couldn't live without the air conditioning on(I live in NC), I would just keep a hoodie on him all year long, and yes even when it was 100 degrees outside he would have his hood pulled tight around his head. I of course added extra blankets too if he needed them, because like I have always said, you can always put more things on, but you can only take so much off.
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