Recently, my mom who has vascular dementia, and takes Aricept and Namenda, told me that she had a dream where she got out of bed and cooked some breakfast sausage for some 'kids' she was babysitting. Then she said she 'woke up' and went in the kitchen, and there was the sausage all cooked. I pointed out to her that it couldn't have been a dream, the cooked sausage is proof that she actually did do that. What to think about this..? Can someone tell me what they think is going on? Is she really getting up and cooking in a dream state?? She lives by herself, steps away from my back door. Anyone have any experience with something like this?

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This is normal. Her dreams and reality are becoming one and the same. With my Mom TV became part of her reality. I would think of disconnecting her stove. She may leave pot cooking one day and forget it.
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