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Marty, how is your Mom doing today?
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Marty, are you suspecting that your mother may have been exposed to Covid-19? Is this the reason you are asking?
I would call your mother's practitioner. I suspect you are going to be told to keep a careful watch on her. Go to your nearest pharmacy and see if you are able to buy an O2 oximeter (about 20.00 and very easy to use)to put on her finger periodically and should she show signs of shortness of breath or chest pain or falling O2 sats, it is more a cause for concern.
Do you care for your Mom at home? Were your Mom to get covid-19 would you want her to be transported to hospital for treatment and for possible ventilator? Most people have plans they have discussed with family by now. Has Mom been exposed to anyone with any illness of late?
Of course we are all afraid of Covid, but the truth is that H1N1 flu is also starting now, and we are already seeing cases. Mom, when she feels better should have her flu shot. Last year a friend's husband was on a vent more than a month (in his 50s) with regular flu.
This could be a cold. This could be nothing. Just keep a careful eye and understand in your own mind what you wish to have done if things get dicey. Keep fluids on board if you are able.
I am assuming there is no congestive heart failure by history? That wouldn't bring on a fever normally but could bring on a cough.
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Continuous cough? You'd better get hold of a Covid test - call her doctor or your own for an accurate explanation of what to do in your locality.

God willing this is just a cough, or if it's anything more sinister she will be lucky, but you need to find out and take whatever precautions are necessary. I see your mother lives at home, not in a facility, but nonetheless "no man is an island" and especially not these days.

Best of luck, please let us know how you're doing.
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Isthisrealyreal Sep 2020
Yes, please get her tested to ensure the safety of anyone coming in to contact with her and to ensure that she gets the best care possible so she doesn't suffer needlessly.
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