Mom is 40 and is experiencing this for 2 months. She has hypotension, but not blood sugar or any type of heart disease (according to what doctors told us here in Afghanistan). This evening she experienced another one which left her not feeling and/or controlling her legs for about an hour. When she started feeling it back now, she feels something moving underneath her skin in her legs (something she describes like ants moving under her skin). She always has headache since the past 2 months and sometimes it gets so severe that can’t sleep even with sleep medicine injections. Doctors told us that its nerves that causes it. We don’t get it, how? (Even they don’t)

Please help us with tests or advice that help with the right diagnosis?

You might want to investigate peripheral neuropathy with her doctors. These sound like the same symptoms my mom experienced with the tingling crawling sensation in her feet and legs. She is on medication for it (gabapentin)
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Get her to a hospital! It sounds like a stroke. She definitely needs a CT or MRI like cwillie suggests.
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I'd be wondering about something neurological, is there a possibility of getting a CT scan or MRI of her brain?
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Afghanistan Sep 1, 2018
We did Ct scan, they told there’s no problem with her brain. Now I don’t know If it’s true or not. Another doc told us that she has some kinda nerve pressure. I don’t know what to do
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