My Mom recently came home from the Hospital, and she isn't even able to lift her head. She has a Hospital bed rental, and the mattress is defective. They're bringing her out a new mattress tomorrow.
What's the easiest/best way to switch out mattresses, please? She is not able to sit up or stand. Do I do it the same way I change sheets? She can roll on her side a little bit for changes.
I don't want her to fall off the side, though.

I don't have family to help, and her Health Care Home Visitors that her insurance provides, aren't allowed to lift. The bed rental company is just going to drop it off, they're not allowed to help.

Please don't suggest neighbors/church/family/friends in the area - as none of these are options for us, unfortunately.

I've called a few at home health care agencies, but they all said they don't lift.

Should I call the Paramedics and just pay their $150 fee? Any ideas? Want to avoid calling them because they are just so expensive for lift assists...

Thank you very much

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Ask the doctor to order a Hoyer Lift. It will make caring for her easier and more importantly safer for both you and her.
Before the mattress is delivered call and ask if they can change the mattress with someone in the bed. If not ask that the delivery be delayed u til you can get the Hoyer Lift.
I am very surprised that they sent her home without the proper equipment for you to care for her properly
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Ricky6 Oct 18, 2020
You are so right! How does someone get sent home without the proper equipment? It happened to me. Although rehab taught my patient how to hop on and off the bed, wheel chair, and potty. It was a different story when he got home. After one day I had to call an ambulance to take him back to the ER, who called the NH Rehab, and sent him back to Rehab to resolve the situation. A social worker finally ordered a hospital bed, Invacare get-u-up-lift, and potty.
Josephina, it sounds like your Mother's care needs are currently very high.

You mentioned the health care home visitors. But also that other help is not available "neighbors/church/family/friends in the area - as none of these are options for us, unfortunately".

Hopefully your Mother's health will improve? Is there hope for a recovery or will she require more help?

I hope you are still able to keep some social connections for yourself & not become isolated or burnt out.
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Call the fire station and ask them if this is something they would help you with. It's very likely they have a sheet type lift where a couple of the guys could lift her up high enough for you to slide the mattress in.

Is there any room in the bedroom to use a hoyer type lift?? You might be able to rent one of those. She lays on the lifter part. Hook it up to the lift and raise her up into a sitting position. You place her on it like changing a sheet.

If lift is out of the question, you're going to have to get some help. I don't see how you can move one mattress out, move another one in, while dealing with a person who cannot move at all. You may have no choice but to pay them. See earlybird's comment, as well.
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My mother uses a hospital bed and she have a Hoyer lift. Medicare paid for it. We only use it as a second option if she can't stand and pivot, but most days she can. I would suggest having her doctor contact Medicare and fill out the necessary paper work. It seems she may be eligible. I would do it soon because it take time for all the paper work to process. Another option, buy a topper memory foam mattress or an egg crate for the time being, it is easy to fold on either side. Physical therapy did a home visit a few times to teach us how to use it safely. My mother has one and is very comfortable. I bought it at Costco's. Good luck.
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Problem solved, if anyone else sees the original post. : )

Physical Therapist will do some wheelchair training that day, and I'll change the mattresses out while Mom's in the wheelchair. Thank you again.
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cwillie Oct 12, 2020
I hope it will be possible for you to learn to transfer her into a wheelchair, it makes life so much more "normal" if they can get out of bed for at least part of the day 🤗
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Is there a place you can get a hoyer lift? U may need another person to help. Check with Red Cross to see if they have a rental closet. There is an association called Ruritans found in rural areas that have durable equipment. Ask if the Fire Station has anything like this.
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Can you get it done the same way as when she was placed on the defective mattress?

Otherwise, pay the fee for the paramedics?

An a medical transport company, compare the cost, but still expensive.

Call Medicare to see if they can suggest something, or cover the medical fees.

When hospice comes out, they bring the bed, set it up, and settle the patient, so their companies should at least have people who do this.

Sorry that this is made more difficult by the Covid requirements.
Hope something works for you and your Mom. 🍂🍃🌾🌻
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Josephina Oct 12, 2020
Thanks. The Medical Transportation company I called helped her onto the bed after she came home from the hospital, and I asked them if I could pay them to come and move her for this situation and was declined by the owner. He said they're not licensed to come out and lift. Only transport from one location to another.

She doesn't have Hospice, or any contact with Hospice.

Thank you for helping, there just aren't too many options .. We just have so many bills coming in from the ambulance, hospitalization, co-pays, etc - it's such a shame to have to pay just to move onto a new mattress. When that money can be used for other things like all the incontinence supplies, and existing hospital bills... sigh
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