I believe she is in late stage dementia. Anxious so can't sit still more than 10 minutes. She can no longer dres herself, can't remember to take her teeth out, can't remember if she has eaten or had a bowel movement. I can ask her a question and she answers with sgomething that has nothing at all to do with the question. It is so puzzling. Does she not understand? Is the brain just not sending signals? I have no idea how to handle her and it is exhausting. She takes remeron at night, Namenda did nothing for her. She still talks but no real conversation can be had.

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I read once and also heard this ..
It can take someone with Dementia 45 seconds to process what you said. And then possibly respond to it.
I don't know about you but in 45 seconds I am onto the second or third thing that is on my mind. No wonder my Husband would get confused.
So when you are taking to her
S..L..O..W.. down.
Talk in a lower pitched voice, I think that is easier to hear than a higher pitched voice.
Wait for her to respond. If after a while she is still confused repeat the question but keep it short and simple.
Do not give a lot of choices. Later on don't give choices. Gone will be the "do you want the red blouse, the green one or the blue one". It should be let's get your shirt on.
Pick your battles.
Do you plan on keeping her at home? And where is she now? She can not be left alone. Hospice can help. Check with local Senior services to find out if she is eligible for help. And if there is a possibility that she might qualify for Medicaid apply NOW.
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