My Mother is at the stage where she can not verbalize what she wants to say and only garble comes out and every now and then a word. My questions are - why can she remember foul language (which she would never say in the past) and how long does this disease last? She is falling all the time now, can't speak much that anyone understands her and barely eats any more to the point that her stomach is getting larger!

ALZ can last for years. My Aunt was diagnoised 10/12 years before she passed at the age of 89. Diagnoised but she showed signs before that.
She was and remained healthy otherwise throughout her journey. If they go thru all the stages, they become bed bound and will curl up in the fetal position. Her brother, who had ALZ, passed at 83 from complications from pneumonia.

Do you mean her stomach is getting smaller?

Foul language is a norm. Her ALZ has hit that part of the brain that usually controls things like this.
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Isthisrealyreal Dec 24, 2018
Severe malnutrition causes the stomach to get bigger, it looks bloated.
It depends on her underlying health. She has been in a NH for 4 years. The staff takes good care of her. My MIL has not walked or talked for 3 years now. Her heart is strong and her swallowing has gotten worse, but not yet to the point of chronic aspiration. Hang in there.
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