All the family will be attending the services, but I’m not taking my mom because it’s 3,000 miles away and I fear she may not do well.

When and how do I tell her?

Your Mom probably has forgotten her sister. No need to tell her. Just send flowers saying wish you could be there.
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My uncle just died and I have no intention of telling my 95 y.o. mother with end stage 6 Alzheimer's. Why? So she can obsess with something she can't even comprehend?

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Marty30 I agree with Pepsee. She may get obsessed after you tell her. If she may ask you just tell her she's in a good place I'm sure she misses you too. Something like that.
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Hi Marty.
Why would you even tell her? What good will come of it? Does she really NEED to know?
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