My mother is in stage 7 Alzheimer's with seizures that make her turn blue. Anyone dealing with this? -

My mother is in stage 7 Alzheimer's with seizures that make her turn blue. Anyone dealing with this?


Can anyone tell me how long my mother will have to live given she is in Stage 7 Alzheimer's disease with a high propensity of seizures that make her turn blue and die. They brought her back to life back on November 3rd, 2017. Has anyone had to deal with this before?



In NJ they now have a green form that a doctor fills out and signs for a DNR. Each time Mom was in a facility one was filled out. Show them the living will and ask a DNR be put in place. Moms family doctor gave me a DNR before the new law, without any prior OK from Mom just because I was POA and requested it. If u have medical POA u can do this.
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She would have had to have something on file at the hospital (Advance Directive-DNR-POLST form, etc.) They would not have necessarily known about a living will unless they had a copy in her records.

If they knew and "coded" her anyway, I would think you could get a lawyer involved and sue them for changing her care plan.

I'm sorry for you and your mom. God bless.
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My Mother does have a living will specifically stating she did not want life prolonging procedures. The hospital ignored it. Can I sue the hospital for not following the advanced directive?
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If you have a DNR molst document, show it to authorities.

No sense to prolong suffering
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Romerom, I agree with cwillie above, what are your Mom's wishes regarding further medical intervention when it comes to a serious illness?

Does Mom have a Living Will or a Medical Directive, legal paperwork that would help guide you through her medical wishes? My Dad had one, and it gave me a better idea on what to do since I was Dad's Power of Attorney.

So sorry you and your Mom are going through this.
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Good lord, if she literally died why in the world did they bring her back, does she not have a DNR? Is this what you want your mom's last weeks to be like?
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