He doesn't sleep during the day or at night. He goes thru all cabinets. I'm scared he'll eat something not edible. Tonite he's up at 1 AM going thru fridge drinking god knows what. Before I caught him with a bottle of ketchup going into his mouth. And he smelled like pancake syrup so I can only imagine what he had already stuffed himself with. He says he's starving and that nobody is there to feed him. I have noticed his mind and body have declined quite a bit over 2 to 3 months. Please help, I don't know what to do with him anymore. My mom as well is 90yrs old, he is very demanding of her so I try and keep her out of his sight. My poor mom is getting close to dementia herself but I would appreciate someone helping me to solve his sleep and behavior.

He needs to be evaluated by his PCP. You don't say Dad has Dementia but it sounds like it. A decline is a red flag. He may need some meds for anxiety. Which is not good for them. As my daughter said to me when anxiety meds were suggested, its now quality over quanity thing. Yes, the meds will calm him down where he may just sleep or sit quietly. But the alternative is him being like the Energizer bunny.

This could be the beginning of his body just shutting down. Thats how Mom started. It started as humming softly, then each day louder and louder. Then, even in her wheelchair, she was constantly on the move. The anxiety meds helped alot. Its not fair to them to allow them to be like this. I don't know how your Dad hasn't dropped from exhaustion.
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Please remember that even if we were medical
professionals, it would be highly unethical to suggest giving your father anything, even OTC medications or herbal supplements.

You might want to consider putting a lock on the refrigerator door (even a chain and padlock). If he wanders at night, I would also put alarms on the exit doors. I’d be concerned about him turning in the stove and starting a fire.

Anyway, please call his doctor for guidance.
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Talk to the concerned doctor for extreme yield also morphine will be good at this age for extra relaxation.
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Have you talked to his doctor? There are lots of things that could be prescribed. By a doctor.
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