I am caretaker to a 76 year old man who will day within a few days. On Friday he was having trouble swallowing and I asked for liquid medications. I was told they would be ordered. I later go a call back from her saying I would not get them until Saturday. I was shocked that so little urgency was put on the matter. I was told that I could dissolve pills in water and use a syringe to apply.

Last night Don was overwhelmed with restlessness and hallucinations. I called hospice and a nurse was sent to the house. I told her about the medications and she said she would try to get them here early.

Don has come to not take the dissolved medications very well and spits them out. I have called the hospice line and told them of this development and asked when the medications will arrive. No straight answer.

A few hours ago the social worker called to check on Don and I, she said she would check on the delivery. Again, no call back. I was running every lower on Haloperidol, which seems to be the only thing that will allow him to rest.

I called the hospice support line again and a nurse told me she would call me back. I then began to get VERY upset. I asked to be placed on hold while she checked, she said she could not do that. I asked then to have the social worker call me right away.

The nurse called back and told me it would be 2 1/2 hours until they arrive. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? Then I was so mad I could not cry. I told her that was unacceptable and I would pick them up or hire a courier myself. No joy.

The social worker called after shortly after and seemed to have no definite answer for the the lack of hospice support communication, follow through or arrival time. I lost it! I quietly walked to the other end of the house, closing Dons door first and headed for the garage.

At first I sobbed and asked how people who take care of the dying for a living could be so thoughtless. Then it turned to anger as I asked, "What the ***** is the matter with all of you?". I told her, "You guys constantly ask me if I need anything just ask, but then when I finally do, I don't get it"..That call ended about a half hour ago. Still no call back.

Luckily Don is resting as I type and look calm and comfortable. Soon with any luck I will be, too. It's hard doing this on my own, but worth it. Someone is looking out for the both of us, I just wish it was our hospice team.



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I apologize for my outburst. I did not show proper etiquette to the forum, I'm sorry. I could have found a better way to vent.
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i love outbursts personally. i thought hospice was awesome at first too but ive learned that they make a strong showing initially then they slack off for a while anticipating a more expensive ( for them ) committment in later stages. we have found bed bugs in our home that could have very well been brought here by hospice equiptment and instead of wearing protective clothing and providing service here they only send the nurse weekly and shes treating us like leppers. strangely enough the first time the personal careworker visited she ripped the bedclothes off of moms bed and crammed them in the washing machine. they know more about these bugs than theyre admitting. they dam sure arent non-profits. people at the corporate and investor level are making millions and the home care aids cant even afford fuel for their vehicles. you talk faith based organization to me and i get terse as hell.. uncompassionate fraudsters and evidently liars.. blame shifters at best..
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