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Call ur local Office of Aging and see if someone can sit down and explain this all to you. My local office handles Medicaid.

I am going to assume that Mom has both Medicare and Medicaid. Both are health insurances.

Medicare would be Moms primary. Medicaid would be her suppliment covering the 20% Medicare doesn't. Medicaid also covers prescriptions, vision and dental as long as u use their doctors.

With Medicaid, depending on Moms income determines what she pays out of pocket. She may have copays and deductables that have to be met before Medicaid covers the service.

If Mom has both, her Medicare A, B (paid out of SS check) and D are covered.
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There is a group of YouTube videos from a company named Remedigap that do a wonderful job of explaining everything you need to know. For personalized help, the co--owner of this company is JoAnne and you can call her to get information about all the plans. She will help you access her coverage to figure out what she has. She is NOT an insurance salesperson and she will not try to sell you anything. She is a broker who knows a lot about Medicare and Medicaid and she will share her knowledge with you. She’s also a heck of a nice lady.

Make sure you have all her cards and numbers.
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GIAGIA Jun 2019
Thank you so much!! I really appreciate this information!
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