We made the difficult decision to withdraw my mother-in-law from her ALF when 5 residents or staff tested Covid positive. She tested negative, but has lived with us for 4 months, a move which was intended to be temporary. We were warned that if we took her out, she could not return until the crisis is "over." Well, that ALF has declared that they are ending the crisis by closing entirely! So much for bringing her back. It was only partly due to Covid, they said. Now we are looking for a new ALF and facing having to move her into a place that could ultimately be subject to another lock-down, if there is a second phase of infection in the fall. Reaching out on this forum for a list of Covid-related questions to ask. I've thought of the usual: precautions, dining, visitors, medical care and therapy, provision of other services, maintaining social interaction. What else? I think we were supposed to get some transition services but when they announced that they were closing, I stopped paying. We paid continuously even during the time she was not living there, so she would have a place to return to. We were not allowed to come in and pack for her when she left in April. We have now been allowed to empty out her room, so all her stuff (furniture, papers, clothing, bedding, everything) is in my house. But their attitude is now, well, she left voluntarily so we don't owe her any transition services. Even the doctor will no longer see her - he saw only ALF residents, and she's no longer a resident, so we have to find a new PCP. This project was not on my radar screen!!

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