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Looking for help with a tree removal. Very old tree that needs to be removed. Any advice?


I am 70 years old and on social security. My wife is younger but disabled. We have a very large tree that we need removed, Cut down. we are looking for help with this.



Igloo reminded me of how I was able to get a dangerous tree limb removed: by calling the local utility company. If the limb had come down on the power line feed to my house, I would have lost power completely. Then they would have had to come out anyway. So they addressed the issue pre-emptively.

However, this was a dangerous limb, from a tree becoming dangerous. It wasn't a tree that was already hazardous.
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CWillies right, you need a professional tree service.

The local laws part is really important. Had to deal with this for my mom’s house..... for that situation if any of the limbs were within 5’ of power lines or hang over power lines, the local utility HAD to be notified in advance. For 1 of the trees the power lines were somewhat entwined with that tree. So power co would need to “dropped” the lines but would be no charge for this. There seems to be a equation based on diameter of tree. I got bids, all abt 4K & they all came in within couple of hundred of each other. 

I’d suggest you contact your Area on Aging to see if your city or county has a program for providing this with a cost share. Where I live (New Orleans) the Preservation Resource Center has an annual program for rehabbing elders homes (it’s partially done via federal historical housing district credits) and corporations partner to do hands on work for free and PRC coordinates licensed vendors (like electricians, tree surgeons) for the homeowners. It’s coordinated through the Area on Aging & City of NO for doing the list of participants. Also you may want to contact your utility provider to see if they have a program that you can apply for. Entergy does this. I think Southern Company (they hold Mississippi Power and some other regional utilities) do this routinely after storms, so you call and they send out an inspector to do a clearance check and if so, a crew comes out to remove as needed for free.
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I wouldn't mess around with trying to find amateurs to remove a large tree, hiring a professional tree removal service ensures good liability coverage for both the workers and your property if something goes wrong, they should also know about any local bylaws that restrict tree removal and advise you about any needed permits.
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