What activities are there to do for my dad with mild Alzheimers in the Penn Yan area when he is out with his caregiver in the afternoons? Are there any group activities he could join in? Bingo? Classes? Senior Day Care (not Soldiers and Sailors apparently as we were told the participants are all psych patients? Thank you.

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My dad lives in Yates County and I am trying to help my stepmom come up with some sort of weekly regular outing. I will check in with the Yates County Office for the Aging. She could not find any adult day health programs which is what she had hoped for.
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I don't know your area at all, but these are some of the outings my husband with dementia enjoyed:

Botanical conservatory
Children's Science Museum
IMAX movies (at the Science Museum)
Baseball game
Going out to eat
County fair
Railroad museum
Golf (with a league for persons with handicaps)

"Dementia" covers a wide range of cognitive ability, attention spans, behavioral issues -- what is nice for one is too complex for someone else. Try different things and see what Dad enjoys.

We also found that an adult day health program was very useful a few days a week. They had activities, programs, and some outings.

Good luck!
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Try the Yates County Office of the Aging. They should have a list of programs within your county.
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Thank you. I actually think he has vascular dementia...... he would not belong with that group and there doesn't seem to be any other groups that would be appropriate for him
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Some forms of Alzheimer's are psychiatric in nature. Ask them to evaluate him.
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