Looking back since I started on this forum, in 7 months Mom has gone from living along to a move to memory care next month (she will be 96 in 10 days). It seems that it has all happened so fast. Medical personnel say that is just the way it happens (memory meds had many negative side effects). I am usually upbeat but getting more sad thinking about further decline. And I know - 96 is amazing. Maybe I just needed to write this down in black and white so I see it. This Forum has been so helpful!

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When I am sad I cry or talk about things with a friend in a similar situation and we both cry. The grieving process doesn't come with any rules or even real guidelines. You are allowing yourself to feel your feelings and that's a huge WIN. (hugs)
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It does seem to go fast because why she was living alone you may not have seen changes until they got bad. My Mom was allowed to remain in her home because her grandson was living with her. A hospital visit because of UTI changed that. She came to live with me Nov 2014 and passed Sept 2017. 20 months she lived with me, 8 of those she went to Daycare. Then an AL where an aide who had worked at the Daycare couldn't believe how Mom had declined in the few months she had been at the AL. Then aft 8 months had to place her in LTC. By that time her decline had been monthly. She passed five months later. Mom was 89.

Let yourself to be sad. Just think, though, she had 96 years and still being able to live on her own. It was her time. Rejoice in her life. We all don't get to live that long. So sorry for your loss.
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Hugs! Doesn’t matter the age..she’s your Mom and the thoughts you’re having are bound to be heavy and confrontational.
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