My mother left a voice mail for me telling me what bills she'd gotten and were due. She was very clear and lucid.

Not 10 minutes later, I hear from her and she is upset and weepy because she can't remember where she gets her hair done AT ALL.

I imagine this is "normal", but would like to hear input. Thanks.

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Rita, as you probably know, there is no cure for dementia. There are some innovative programs for people with mild cognitive impairment to help them make the most of their strength and prolong their period of independence. I don't think these are widely available. And there are treatments for some elements and symptoms of dementia.

So in my opinion it is worthwhile to have a more "official" diagnosis of your loved one's ability. That helps you (and her) know roughly what to expect and to have someone to turn to as symptoms appear.

Forgetting a hair appointment is not a sign of serious memory loss. Forgetting where you get your hair done may be. And if I realized that my memory has been getting worse and worse I think I'd often be pretty weepy about it -- wouldn't you?

For some people it is a relief to finally have an explanation for their increasing symptoms and to talk opening about their disease and their needs and to get reassurances of help. For others it is more upsetting to have their fears confirmed with the dread word "dementia." You'll have to judge which category your mother fits into, but whatever you tell her, I think it will be very useful for you to get a more specific diagnosis.

Best wishes to you both as you continue on this challenging journey.
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This is normal for my mom, who has no short-term memory. She'll be OK one minute and crying the next. And an hour later, she can't remember that she was crying or why. So normal for me. It's a bit unnerving for you, until you get used to the "new" normal.

My mom had a nosebleed that I had to go address. A few days later, she couldn't remember the nosebleed or why she has a big tub of vaseline on her table (to keep her nose from drying out and bleeding again). I keep reminding her to put some up her nose. It can be very challenging.

Luckily my mom doesn't try to say things didn't happen, because she knows her memory is gone. It must be very, very hard for her too, to know that she can't remember anything. She can't remember she's 95. I have a big note on her couch telling her she's 95, but I constantly find little calculations she's done to figure out how old she is.
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She started out as merely forgetful about a year ago and has gone downhill rapidly.
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Yes, this is normal...and possibly her being weepy means she is aware of her situation on some level... you didn't say how long she has had dementia.... a little more info will help.... thanks
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