My husband who is 77 has been disabled for a long time due to having a heart attack, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, pulmery heart disease, C.O.P.D., pernicious anemia and arthritis every ware so he needs a wheelchair outside and uses a simmer inside, but since 2010 he was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Now due to that he has seizures which makes his body shake, jump and kick during this he doesn't know what's happening but when he comes out of it he is very tired and drained of energy. He was put on Lamotrigine when this first started and now takes 200mgs twice a day, the doctor said there is nothing else he can do about it. I just wonder if there is anyone else that has the same proplem and is it all down to having dementia?

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THe sleepiness after a seizure is called postictal. It is a good way to consider a seizure if you did not witness it. My MIL gets then and since she has a DNR, her family no longer wants her to get emergency treatment when the NH calls. Her dementia is at the stage where she no lo ger walks or speaks
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Is the doctor treating the seizures a neurologist?
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