My fiancé of fifteen years and I are over the road commercial truck drivers that live with my mother in law my fiancé is an only child. We have chosen to apply for FMLA through our work to be able to see to the around the clock care his mother needs due to recent massive stroke. We have just lost both incomes because we have driven a truck for the last twelve years as a team for a company that unfortunately due to the type of freight we hauled it is a Mandatory Team Position. FMLA only secures our employment if at the end of the twelve weeks we are able to return to work and see to it that a company doesn't drop our medical insurance as long as we pay the premiums we were paying when we were employed monthly. We are unsure if at the end of twelve weeks if we are able to return to work as of yet. Is there any financial assistance programs available to help my husband and I financially? Can one of us apply for SSI or anything. Or do we do as so many do and put her in a nursing home because she cannot afford to take care of us financially and we are not financially able to just not work we have our financial obligations. We have been full time care takers for starting the ninth week and the future is scaring me as we have began digging into the little we have in savings and wondering what happens when it's gone. When all you have is going out and nothing coming in you really notice it. Thanks for listening :)

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You can’t get SSI for this. SSI does not pay people to be family caregivers. If your MIL can’t pay you both a livable wage, you need to place her in a facility. While family caregivers can be paid, it is highly unlikely any state program will pay you both. Pay is usually Minimum wage, less than minimum wage and no benefits. It is foolish for both of you to go out on FMLA for this as well. Do you realize you are sacrificing your family’s financial well being in order to take care of her? And that this kind of undertaking will affect your marriage and your health? There is no amount of financial support available
in this country that will keep you afloat if you both leave your jobs. You won’t be contributing to a retirement plan so this will greatly affect your future. You need to understand that. If your MIL had a massive stroke, she likely needs skilled care. Please, place her in long term care.
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contact Area Agency on Agency. They might know of help. There are no federal programs to help. Most children who pair receive funding from their parents savings or retirement.
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You cannot be forced to leave work to give 24/7 care for a parent. Place her in a facility after the fmla time is up.
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