My grandmother is 95. Lived alone with part time home help until she had a fall about 6 mnths ago. Nothing was broken but she was unable to walk after. So had to go into a nursing home on release from hospital. since she has quickly gone down hill. she now has no mobility, incontinent, very little fluid and solid intake, forgets how to swallow, doesnt recognise family and talks about people from 40/50 yrs ago as if they are still alive. For about the last 4 weeks she sleeps more than she is awake. she was hospitalised after have a funny turn this week. spent 20 hours in the corridoor on a gurney ( i am not blaming medical staff lack of funding and cuts in the nhs) hours in casualty dept before they said they were going to put her on fluids through iv drip. urine test said her electrolytes were all to pot. but after my mum spoke to the doctor she was taken back to the nursing home. seeing such a independant fit lady who lost her husband 40-ish yrs ago. never been over weight, never drank or smoked. kept active as in walking, shopping and church. i know its impossible to give any sort of timeline maybe more a sequence of events that would help me understand what is happening. i hope i explaind myself well enough for somebody understand what im asking. many thanks

Read The 36-Hour Day. And watch the videos of Teepa Snow, a recognized specialist in dementia and Alzheimer's.. Both very, very helpful.
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It sounds as though your grandmother’s body is closing down in all sorts of ways. At 95, there is no way that it would be sensible to do extensive tests to isolate what is wrong, and it could be many things. Be thankful that she has been so well until such an old age, and hope that the end is kind to her and to your family.
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I'm so sorry for gma's decline.

I have so sort of timeline for you.

Very often elders fall because a bone breaks, not a fall and THEN a bone breaks.

Bumping you up here so you get more answers. Are you in the UK?
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gammy95 Apr 7, 2019
thankyou so much for you reply,x

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