3 to 5 days a week to give her a bath or shower on those days. Feed breakfast, lunch, read to her, or just watch her. She has anxiety, and can be very stubborn, and not listen to much of anything.

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From your profile: "I am caring for my mother Florence, who is 86 years old, living in my home with age-related decline, alzheimer's / dementia, anxiety, depression, hearing loss, mobility problems, and sleep disorder."

That's a lot! How did you end up becoming her fulltime caregiver?
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I've been using Visiting Angels for 6 years now, which is a national franchise and each location has an individual owner. I've been extremely happy with them, but have never used a different place. FYI you will get the best, most stable arrangement if you can offer an agency caregiver at least 25 hrs every week. No one wants to come in for an hour a day, they can't earn enough. Agency hourly rates for lowest skill level is approx. $22 p/hr. That would come to $550 p/wk or $2,200 p/mo. Does your mom have have enough funds to cover that? For that amount it may make sense to consider transitioning her to a care facility. Another option is adult day care but not sure how much that is or what their practices are during covid. I hope you can find a solution that works for you!
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I agree, an agency will be your best bet, and they are used to short shifts if needed. Good luck!
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Please check with agencies in your own area. You can likely find them on any search engine. Wishing you good luck in finding what you need.
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