One of my family members had to take disability and she did take Part B even though her husband had work insurance. Is there a penalty if she dropped it now and then at 67 re-enrolled?

Why the age of 67? Medicare, unless previously disabled, starts at 65. 67 is for those in certain age catergory (born around 1960 and up) that can collect SS at 100% when they turn 67.

If this family member collecting Medicare with Medicaid as the supplimental? If so, Medicaid maybe paying for Part B, so why drop it?
When I started collecting Medicare at 65, my husbands work insurance made me take part B to continue as a suppliment. Why would she drop it when it covers Drs and other things.

This family member needs to go to the closest SS office and talk to a rep. Everyones situation is different.
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