My mom's medicare was cancelled due to the lack of their financial department not getting the paperwork they were supposed to get from the people at the Social Security office. Is there anything she can do about this to get it reinstated since it was their fault for not processing the paperwork?

I hope your nearest office is as efficient as ours is.
At hours we can walk in and wait until your number is called.
I was horrified to have to go there, but pleasantly surprised at how well my LO’s problems were straightened out.
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anonymous876877, wonder if Social Security is on Federal shutdown.
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Never heard of Medicare being cancelled. I was already collecting SS when I turned 65 and got it automatically. Medicare is handled by the SS department. Like said, go personally to your local office.

Just wondering if you mean Medicaid. That can be cancelled if yearly paperwork is not handed in by a certain time. To get that reinstated you need to go to the local Medicaid office.
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You need to go into the SS office with your mom to get this straightened out.
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