My mother is finally starting to eat a little more but her neuropathy is getting worse- difficulty using her hands always cold cannot feel heat too well and lots of pain. Her other symptoms, like ascites are “stabilizing”. I just so desperately want to understand what’s going on with her body but tired of reading overly clinical writing and vague mortality rates.

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My deceased brother had diabetes and liver disease.

His neuropathy was awful! I always felt it was attributed more to his diabetes.

He was alone, had been divorced for years.

I helped care for him, doing his shopping, helping him tidy up his apartment, doctor appointments, etc.

He would ask me to join him during his doctor’s appointments. His doctor referred to the diabetes as the main source of his neuropathy.

It’s interesting that the liver disease may worsen the effects of neuropathy.
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I will ask my SIL who is a GI doc. My best guess, from what he has talked about as far as his elderly patients is that once the liver begins shutting down, or just not working as well as it should, the entire body suffers.

My DH had a liver transplant 14 years ago and SIL has been a great source of quick answers to a ? that DH should ask his own doc, but forgets. Neuropathy is common, as sick livers often cause diabetic problems which often causes neuropathy.

As far as the mortality rate--well, technically it's 100% as we ALL will die one day--but as far as your mom, they probably are just taking it day by day. SIL says he's seen people linger for months, when they thought they'd only last a few weeks. And some, like one he had last week, came in to the hospital under her own power and had passed within 48 hours.

I'm sorry for the stress this is placing on you, the not knowing is awful.
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Homecare123 Dec 13, 2020
Thank you! Just having a place to communicate my worries and questions is so helpful.
Why aren't you getting what you need from the doctor?
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Homecare123 Dec 13, 2020
I get such a wide range of opinions that it is hard to understand. Also still establishing her with new specialist since she moved in with me. Asking here and hearing personal experiences eases my mind much quicker than a week for a doctor to respond. And depending on specialist they say she is fine to not fine. Very hard to navigate.
Neuropathy can occur in conjunction with liver disease caused by alcoholism. Neuropathy can be progressive.
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