Is there a chat app that discusses Alzheimer's?


Does anyone know if there is a chat room or google hangout that discusses Alzheimer’s? It would be great to have a live support room to chat as things come up. This board is awesome but there is a time delay on responses.

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I sometimes think I need to get a life because I spend so much time here on AgingCare, I really can't imagine why anyone would want to be so connected to a virtual support group that they would be getting constant requests for information demanding their attention in real time... not for free anyway. Plus most of us who give support are caregivers ourselves and are busy fulfilling that role.... "Oh excuse me mom, is it OK if you wait on the toilet a little longer - I've got to answer this question right away!" (LOL)
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Checked there and nothing. I’m not thinking of a website. A lot of people use Facebook so a notification like that would be useful. Those with time can post or help. It’s still faster than waiting for an email from the website.

Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome site with great support just looking for something else as well. :)
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Nixxon, yes there is a time delay here mainly because those who are in active caregiving only have a few minutes here and there, and others who no longer are doing caregiving may not be on-line all the same time. That probably would happen with any type of medical care website unless there are paid employees sitting in front of their computers waiting for a question.

May I suggest the Alzheimer's website. See if they have an app you can use.

Let us know what you find :)
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