Is it normal for a 73-year-old with mild dementia to sleep long hours?


I have heard that the older you get, the LESS you sleep, not more. My mother will go to sleep around 7 or 8 pm and sleep for about 12-13 hours. She will get up and wander around a bit and then climb back in bed. Not sure if she would keep on sleeping as I usually will go in her room, open her windows and start talking to her so she gets up. Is this normal? I think she may just be bored. She just basically spends her time reading, watching TV, and says that is all she wants to do. Sometimes I can get her to take a walk or visit the neighbor. But I guess my question is should I be worried that she sleeps so many hours? She otherwise seems healthy other than the (mild) dementia.

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She may be bored, depressed and lonely. Does she ever get out to do things with friends? Wasnshe more social when she was younger? Is there a program where she could go a few days a week to meet people her age and do activities? My Mom has been attending a day program for three years. She loves it, but it is a struggle to get her to go because she doesn't remember being there before.

Try to find something for her to do that she will enjoy. An added bonus is that it gives you some time for YOU!
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I think at one time an elder said that he only gets 5 hours sleep at night and that myth has been around for years. My parents go to sleep at 11:00 pm and wake up at 5 a.m..... but my parents never count the times they dose off after breakfast while reading the daily newspaper.... then they doze off after lunch and mid-after noon while watching TV.... then they doze off around 8pm watching TV and wake up around 10:00 to start getting ready for bed :P

Lot of that dozing comes from the blood pressure pills, I know, I take those pills and it took awhile to adjust the dosage so I wasn't so sleepy myself.
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Yes, I guess a trip to the doctor is in order. As much as things are so much easier when she is in bed (and not interrupting me at work--I telecommute) I know that cannot be good lying in bed up to 15 hours per day total. I did mention depression the last time we were at the doctor, but of course my mom denied having it ("I'm not depressed!!), but I really think that could be it. I struggle with it myself. But I just wonder if there's a way for the doctor to tell if she really is depressed when she adamantly denies it.

Thanks again!
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I'm no expert, but that's how my cousin did when she was first showing signs of dementia. She didn't like to go out or socialize, just watch tv, go to the mailbox and grocery store once per week. Then her dementia got worse and she slept even more. I have read that dementia will eventually worsen and the person stops eating and just likes to stay in bed.

It could also be depression. She might rule that out. My LO went on antidepressants and I think she's sleeping less now. I would discuss it with her doctor if she will allow it.

Will she agree to get a full exam. It could also be diabetes, anemia, or some other condition. Good luck.
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