He's in memory care, doesn't want to eat; they have to help him eat. He sleeps day and night. When he's in the common area, he sleeps; in dining room, he sleeps. Taken off anti-anxiety med, thinking it was causing drowsiness, it's made no difference, he continues to sleep. I try to spend time with him, can't arouse him. I wonder if he's aware of his surroundings.

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Pam Stegman, you are an invaluable asset to this board.
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You'll never know what he's aware of and what he's not. In this kind of situation assume he's aware of everything.

Time to call hospice.
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His body is shutting down if he won't eat. The digestive system closes down, eventually he won't want fluids either. That is when you need Hospice, pure comfort care. He probably not aware of much, nor can he remember things. Families sometimes want to add a feeding tube, but that gains you nothing because the body cannot process anything. Sometimes they want IV fluids, but that just swells the legs and fills up the lungs. Keep him comfortable, he lives in the moment, tell him you love him and most importantly, tell him it is OK to go. Assure him you will be OK and you will remember all the good times. God bless you for caring.
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