Is it a legal document (POA) if my mom didnt realize I would not be included if she added or changed her POA?

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i was POA -with brother ,not no my brother and i were always moms poa- he and his friend-financial adviser-of questionable motives-got mom to take my name off as POA. however,when i explained i no longer was able to be her advocate-as i had been for 10-12 yrs-and that my brother was now incharge.-she didnt like that and wanted me to have a say in her healthcare,since i have know most of her history- i never saw his new POA, and didnt find out about my new status-or lack of- until she was in the hospital.
he now has moved her out of state-to a NH near him., he has hanged the locks on her apt door, and refuses to give me a key, or have any say so about her leaving her home of 60 yrs.
is this legal?can he do that?can i just be pushed out that easily?without any notice -warning-or reason?

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was your mother competent at the time of this change or had she even been evaluated for being competent to make business like decisions in a business like manner?
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did you get a copy of the new POA? it should contain the attorneys name, that maybe you could contact
Hi johnny13,I never got a copy of the new a matter a fact, I was never told This ..I found out after jumping thru hoops and long ,absurd measures before I found out. I know her lawyer, called him and asked him what was going on, including the fact that my brother was not telling me anything about her affairs,I was excluded from her amendment,didn't sound like anything mom would have done....what her lawyer said, he couldn't or wouldn't tell me anything would be a conflict of interest!!!!!it was a conflict of interest from jump when I was pushed out of her care and life by my brother ,the lawyer and her financial advisor, who is another problem manipulator sick user of people.....I can't even get moms medical brother said his lawyer said I shouldn't be allowed to see it...obviously something is I. There they do not want me to find out about...they r protecting my brother from all the so called care he gave her once he moved her out of her home in my and into a nursing home in mass,where he lived.
He now has a new house, I have no idea where any of the things in moms house are,I'm not included I. Her will, I am hurt and frustrated and broke...
He refuses to answer me,my calls,emails, he is the only person left in my family...7yrs younger....and I cared for mom for 13 yrs before he took her ...such a mess, so sad...but eventually something has gotta give...u can't treat someone this way and think u can get away with it..and as I see, it happens in so many sick...thanks for your post...ll
How did he pack her up and move her without you noticing anything?
How long was she in hospital before you were notified? More info please.
I just realized the original question is over 5 years old. Good grief, even if she had a million dollars, it's gone all gone to the Nursing Home.
I did not notice that either. Thanks for pointing that out.

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