Having shoulder pain.

Read the information leaflet in the box. Follow its advice for older people.

But if your mother is having arthritic pain in her shoulder, you're expecting rather a lot of one little ol' Tylenol tablet. It won't do much. Has your mother consulted a doctor about this problem?

For immediate purposes, assuming it's the middle of the night with you, she might find a VERY well-wrapped heat pad or hot water bottle soothing. Make absolutely sure no hot surface comes into direct contact with her skin, you're aiming for gentle warmth.
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Agree with lealonnie, especially if she's on any other medications.
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You'd have to run that question by the doctor involved to get a proper answer. We are just a forum care givers sharing stories and ideas and tips with one another; we are not qualified to give advice on which medicines are safe to give an elder!

Good luck!
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