Mom is 76, stage 7 Alzheimer’s and she acts different when I’m with her than when she’s with my sister. Found out she was faking some of her falls when I doze off next to her when she’s watch her westerns. After so many falls and being on the floor by me I knew something fishy was happening so I faked I was sleeping and watched her slide out of her chair to the floor and crab crawled by me and then hit the floor with hands to wake me and was yelling ouch!! I have an alarm on her bedroom door at night when I get her in bed and she figured out how to turn it off and sneak out of her room. Does anyone else have sneaky Mom, Dad or relative like I do?

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Mother would state she was "sliding" out of bed at night and laying there, scrabbling for help for hours and hours. Never any marks on her.

Brother showed her how sensitive the fall pendant was and called her on it. Also said one more fall and he'd take her to a NH.

Falls stopped.
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They get like children. As such, they will doo things like this.
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