I have the ability to work from home so that I can care for my aging mom that lives with a permanent broken leg. I am also working on a doctoral degree and I asked the school for assistance under the ADA protection because my mom ended up in the hospital with a serious bladder infection. I stayed with mom during that time. My instructor would not give me an extension to finish a final assignment due to this hospital stay. So I am wondering about ADA protection? My employers were far more understanding than the school I was attending.

Most employers would cover me under ADA or FMLA, but what about ADA and educational facilities, is this covered? Does anyone have any advice on handling this situation? I have thought of filing a complaint under ADA, because I am tired of getting grief from the school because I make a valid choice to care for my mom and keep a promise that I made to her.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I am over halfway done with my degree so starting over would be very costly.


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Thanks Jeanne,

They do have an appeal process and I have been through it once when we found out she would not walk again. But it seems to me that the caregiver should get some protection and I know most companies would be more respectful, but it seems this school does not care.

So I am not sure if there is anyone else in my position or not.
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Well Donna, I don't know if the Americans with Disabilities Act covers educational extensions when caring for someone with disabilities. It probably covers and extension caused by the student's disability -- but I don't know about caring for someone with disabilities. As I see it, human decency would cover this case and give you an extension, even if laws don't demand it.

No doubt the school has an appeals process. I suggest that you go through that process to the very highest level.
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