Relatives have "come out of the woodwork" and are entrenching themselves in an Uncle's life. My husband and I have been caregivers to our uncle & his wife who passed away 11 months ago. We are co-POA's for the uncle; I am his health care proxy and my husband is the Trustee of his Irrevocable Trust. We are also legal co-guardians with the uncle of his adult special needs daughter & have been for over 10 years. We have been made aware that these relatives may be "convincing" the uncle to have a new Trust drawn or the existing one amended.
What would that process entail?
Would we, as beneficiaries as well, have to be notified if changes were being made to the Trust?
Do we have the ability (as 2/3 guardianship of the special needs daughter) to block any changes as it might result in a change in her Supplemental Needs Trust inheritance?

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I would recommend contacting an elder care attorney to help you with dissolving the Irrevocable Trust in NYS. When you are dealing with financial matters it is important that you get the most updated legal information in your particular area of residence. Wish we could help you more.
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