I'm curious what I would need to pay someone for this kind of help?

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Hello my name is Roger. My brother is 43 in February. He does not talk or walk. We have a lift, a custom room for him with a tub at waist high for baths, a hospital bed, he drinks from a straw, and is easily spoonfed. He wears a condom catheter and needs enemas. We bathe him and put him every other day in the bath and the feeding take about two hours on Bath day on non-bath days housecleaning and his feedings take about two hours. The rest of the time sit with him, Watch TV, listen to music, just be there for him. He has a room next to him where you will sleep on days on. I'm curious what I would need to pay someone for this kind of help? Two weeks on two weeks off. Thank you

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probably $20 or morecan hour. Check ur area for agencies that do this and get their charges.
Roger, I think this would probably be considered a high level of needed care. Private duty agencies base their charges on the level of care, after they perform an "assessment."

You can call your local Alzheimer's Assn., which helps people with resources whether or not dementia is involved. It's just has a very good outreach program.

Ask for a list of private duty agencies in your area, then call them to get an idea of what you might have to pay.

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