Who do I contact?!

Coffee83, as prior posters stated, if your parents pay you be sure to have a reasonable personal care agreement (PCA) signed and notarized before you accept any payments to ensure that those payments don't look like a gift to a possible future Medicaid examiner. has information on PCAs at

The VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) pension previously mentioned can be as much as $2,169 for a married couple if one of them was a war time veteran and their medical expenses, including a qualified PCA, reduces their total net income below certain limits. A&A can be used to pay for care covered by a PCA. Contact either the federal VA or your state's veterans affairs office.
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Your parents can pay you. To me that is fair. You can draw up a care plan for them. (Maybe see a lawyer and get financial issues worked out.)

Financial help for your parents can be obtained from Medicaid, SSI, Medicare, you’d need to talk to agencies.

But the government pay you to care for your own parents? NO.
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If your parents can afford to pay you, you can draw up a care contract. Otherwise your state may have a program known as IHSS-in home support services. Now you won’t be paid to caregive 24/7, if your parents are approved for IHSS they will be allowed a certain number of hours of services. In California you apply for this through social services/Medicaid office. Additionally, was your dad a veteran? He and your mother may be eligible for something through the VA called aid & attendance. Good luck!
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