My grandma passed and left my mom a decent amount of money as part of her estate. My mom will pass soon and she is concerned she will lose all the money that was meant for us children. (My mom expected to die before my grandma which meant the money would have been left to us grandchildren per the will). If my mom gets off Medicaid and pays for her own insurance/care until she passes will the state still have rights to her leftover money?

If ur Mom got a sizable amount, she may have to go off Medicaid until its spent down. She is getting Medicaid because of her income. That income has changed. You need to report the inheritance.
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You really need to consult an attorney. There may be something you can do to shelter the money. You won't know unless you ask.
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it should be reported to Medicaid the amount of money that she has inherited. You can not shelter her inheritance. Medicaid will need to recover the cost of her care from her funds.
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