My mother (92) wears a hearing aid. She went for a 6 mos check up and the Technician convinced her she needed a new hearing aid. She signed a 3 years contract for $9,000. She was so embarrassed that she was intimidated into signing and she did not tell me until I saw the bill on her credit card (I manage her bills). I want to call the Hearing aid company and asked for her money back. As a POA do I have a leg to stand on?

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It’s worth a shot to call them. Speak to the head of the department. Speak to her audiologist to get a full report on her hearing condition.

Does she normally go to the doctor alone? Is it possible to go to future appointments with her from now on? That way you can avoid future situations like this.

Prevention is so much easier than dealing with the aftermath of her signing legal contracts. Did you read the entire contact? Does it have a cancellation clause anywhere?

I am certainly not trying to make you feel bad about this. These things happen.

Sometimes the elderly don’t like to question other’s authority. I am sorry that she felt pressured into signing.

I would follow up on this matter. I would feel that it was my responsibility to do as her advocate. No one likes to see their parents or any elderly person taken advantage of.

I would speak in a calm voice and allow them an opportunity to correct the situation. If you are like me, as long as someone corrects a situation I am fine.

I wouldn’t show any dissatisfaction unless they showed no interest in correcting the situation.

If a pattern of bad customer service continues I would take my business elsewhere and consider it a lesson learned.

The lesson being that your mom needs someone to accompany her to appointments. Or at least to speak to doctors on the phone or through a portal, email, etc.

If you would feel more comfortable using another audiologist in the future that is your prerogative.

Let them know that you wish to resolve this issue in a peaceful manner. They may be more receptive to your request if you approach them in a respectful way.

By the way, can’t the hearing aid that she has now be adjusted? The expensive models are able to be adjusted. I would ask about that if you decide to call.

Good luck if you speak them about a refund.
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Yes! you can and I would talk with a supervisor and explain that your mom felt intimidated. Use the term exploitation of a vulnerable senior.

This kind of sales job is predatory and I would raise the roof if it was my parent being ripped off like this.

As a POA you have every right to act on her behalf. The whole idea of POA is to represent the person as they would represent themselves if they were of sound mind.

I would tell them that you will pursue this as far as you need to to rectify the situation and stop them from preying on others.

Bad people get away with crap like this because no one wants to stand up and call it what it is. Exploitation of a vulnerable senior using intimidation to cause a decision under duress.

Best of luck. I would file a dispute against the charge with the credit card company to put their payment on hold and stop interest from accruing for your mom.
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Your mom is essentially allowed to make bad decisions as long as she’s mentally competent. You can call the hearing aid company and plead your case but you being POA won’t really help, she didn’t need your permission to sign the contract and you can’t really undermine her decisions.
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