Mom is 89 yrs. old and in a Assisted Living facility that she thrives in.
She starts to call her daughters and ask why no one has come to visit her lately (when one of us has just been there within the last 24 hours).
I'm trying to think of a calendar (per say) that we could either post our photo on or write our name on when we visit to remind her that we were there with her. Any suggestions?

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Thank you 97yroldmom;
I agree that she may not connect all of the dots with the calendar/visit/photo.
I had that suggestion about the "sign-in" book and that may be a good start.
Thank you for taking the time to help me out!
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It's a sweet idea but I think that's a pretty common experience for elders to forget they just had a visitor. (Like children forgetting that they just had dinner when they show up at GMs 30 min later). I can ask my aunt if her aid was there earlier ( knowing that she was) and she will say "I don't know." I ask her if she has her paper and she'll say "yes " and then, "yes, she was here". They read the paper together every morning. She has to think about it in other words and then she can remember... Most of the time. I think you try a calendar or appointment book and see if it helps. I had a friend who used a white board. She would put her MIL appointments on it (days therapist was coming etc ) but her MIL really didn't notice even though it was right in front of her. She would tell the therapist "I didn't know you were coming!"
I think the calendar might make you or sisters know that the other one has been by but I doubt your mom would remember to look at the calendar or what the photo would mean etc. Unless you asked her. Then depending on her condition she would remember. I'm not saying a guest book where each visitor writes her a little note wouldn't be a treasure for her to read or each of you to read to her when you visit or to have in years to come. Some might not want to sign in. Others might find it gives them something to visit about. I suppose you could say. "get your red book and let's see who was there last" Then it might remind her of the visit- or not...but she might like the exercise of getting the book and reading you what was written.
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