My dad lives on the assisted living part of a facility and occasionally wanders from his room during daytime. He has dementia and macular degeneration in both eyes. So sight is definitely an issue. I'm at my wit's end on what else to suggest to staff to cut down on this.

He lives right next door to an elderly bachelor who has opinions on everything, Dad does wander into his room, probably because it is so close in proximity to his room. And he thinks it's his room because he can make out the lift chair since they both have one.

I acknowledge that every person is entitled to live in his/her own space without issues. But I'm getting frustrated that I'm the one getting yelled at by this gentleman. I visit my dad 6 of 7 days weekly but can't be there 24/7 (that is one of the reasons he is in a facility).

What suggestions do you have that I could even pass to staff? They seem rather at a loss on how to handle this.


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He needs bracelet that tracks him on his ankle. Also time for higher level of care.
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Have you tried something at eye level on one or both doors, so that the rooms look different from the outside? If your father’s problem is poor eyesight, this might solve it.
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If your father keeps wandering into rooms that aren't his, he'll need to be moved into the Memory Care section of the ALF if they have one. If not, you'll need to find a care facility that handles dementia & Alzheimer's diseases exclusively. It normally reaches that point for all of the ALF residents who have dementia, my mother included. She lived in the ALF portion of the building for 5 years and then was hospitalized and went to rehab this past May. The AFL wouldn't take her back b/c her dementia AND her physical abilities had declined, so they agreed to take her into their Memory Care building instead. They have a much higher level of care in the MC section, and it's the activities and daily living environment is better suited to the elders' diminished capabilities.

Best of luck!
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