He is going into other people's room and shaking them and telling them that they are in his bed. Also roams all night. He walked in the bathroom where a caregiver was helping another resident with his pants unzipped. They have told me before that he roams around with his pants almost down In the dining room. I can’t take him back home with me. If the AL can’t deal with him can he be put in a nursing home? They wouldn’t accept him when I tried a few months ago because he could walk, eat and go to the bathroom. They didn’t care that he had lost his mind.

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Update: the psychologist talked to my dad and they are going to put him on Ativan 3 times a day and trazadone a bedtime. I hope this will help him sleep better and help with the constant repeating. I think he repeats more when he is agitated. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
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He does get a sleeping pill. It’s not new behavior because he
Roamed all night when he lived with me. Also, he would walk in my room anytime he wanted until I learned to lock the door. I agree that he probably needs memory care but he can’t afford it.
We are barely affording AL. He has been doing this for months to
me. I can’t keep him. I thought he would be able to go to a nursing home several months ago and they turned him down
because they said he could not medically qualify. I don’t know
how bad your mind has to get to qualify for Medicaid to pay for
a nursing home, but he is totally incapable of taking care of himself
at all. I agree that if he is disrupting other residence then he would have to go. They are having a psychologist talk with him tomorrow and make a report so the doctor can either put him on some other
medicine or they may send him to a geriatric psyche facility to see if they can help him. I’m praying we can find a answer!
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He needs more care than an AL can give. Dementia fits the criteria for a Nursing Home. If wandering at night why not a sleeping pill.
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Is this where Memory Care comes in? Does the facility where he is offer MC? It sounds like he might be ready for that.
Of course be sure to have them check him for a urinary tract infection if this behavior is new.
Also ask for a geriatric psychiatrist to see if his meds need adjusting.
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