Should I continue to visit or call my grandfather when he emotionally abuses me about my weight?


which I'm trying to loose but everytime I go around him or talk to him he causes me to eat more.

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Until you get a handle on this situation, I would limit my time with the guy. Seriously, it is just nice that you want to visit and be a part of his life. You do need to speak your mind, however, and ask him to lay of the insensitive patter. If he continues to do so, limit your conversations with him. When he broaches the weight issues, calmly end the conversation. Perhaps a bit of behavioral modification is in order. Bottom line, it is not alright to speak to you this way. It's his hang-up not yours, but for heaven's sake do not respond by eating castoff said, that is up to you.
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Have you told him it hurts you when he speaks that way?
Is he really being mean or are you being too sensitive?
Is it possible that he cares about your health?
It is your choice whether you eat or not. He is not causing are reacting to him by craving food. It is called "comfort eating" and not good for you. I've done it myself & it doesn't help anything.
If this is the response you have whenever you see him then maybe aviod the situation for awhile until you have better control.
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